Land Clearing / Forestry Mulching

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Clear Unwanted Vegetation - Food Plot Preparation

Land clearing and forestry mulching are desirable options for property clearing in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Equipment is brought in to cut, grind, and clear vegetation. This process transforms overgrown, unusable land into attractive and marketable real estate. Forestry mulching can be done year round and usually can be done without a permit. All that is left behind is a layer of natural mulch that is environmentally friendly and pleasing to the eye. There are multiple benefits of forestry mulching and land clearing. 

Land clearing and forestry mulching creates a safer environment and is good for the land. When your property becomes overgrown with trees, weeds, and vegetation, it is no longer safe for you and your family to live and play on. Overgrown land, and things such as dead stumps and roots, can harbor disease, which can be unsafe for the rest of the vegetation on your property, not to mention your pets. Land clearing is your best option to reclaim your property and create a safe place to use once again. It also aids in regrowth, fertilization, and preventing erosion.

Land Clearing and forestry mulching provide a better appearance. Your land is an investment, and you want to take care of your investment. When your land becomes overgrown it becomes an eyesore and is no longer appealing to look at. Overgrown land diminishes your investment. Land clearing and Forestry Mulching assures that your property is well taken care of, and you have a beautiful space to enjoy for years to come! 


Land Clearing for Food Plots

We use specialized equipment to clear and shred trees, brush, and other vegetation in a particular area of your property. This process creates a nutrient-rich layer of organic material on the ground, which is beneficial for growing plants. You can use this area for food plots – an area of land that has been specifically cultivated to attract and feed wildlife, such as deer or turkey. By using forestry mulching to clear the land for a food plot, you can create an ideal environment for the plants to grow and thrive, providing a bountiful source of food for the local wildlife. In this way, forestry mulching and food plots work together to support a healthy and diverse ecosystem.